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The SASI Merchandise Officer has a range of great gear available for purchase! From jumpers and short-sleeved polo shirts bearing the official SASI logo, to thermal gear for cold winter night sky viewing, to Astronomy Calendars and the ever-popular Astronomy yearbooks. There is also a selection of pens, place mats, posters, planispheres, moon phase maps, CDs, books and more.

Photos and prices will be posted here shortly for you to browse through, or you're welcome to come to the Observatory and see June for all your SASI merchandise needs!

Waterfall Keys

SASI Members who wish to access the Waterfall Oval for night viewing must contact any of the following persons for admittance to the site:

Brendon Bell

Julie McDougall (formerly Julie Day)

Wayne Madson

Jeff Portelli

Ian Roffey

Matthew Smith

For services requiring a Justice of the Peace, please see Brett McMillan, Rolando De Michiel or Sydney A. Brooksby. If other members are JPs and wish to be included in this directory, please contact the Web Administrator via email.

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