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Public Open Nights

Public Open Nights
12-13 August 2016

See the stars through big telescopes. Families welcome.


Practical Astronomy Course Starts 17 August

SASPAC is an in depth course to learn everything you wanted to know about backyard astronomy.


Upcoming Speakers

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7 Apr 2016 - Dr David Rebolledo Lara

2 Jun 2016 - Dr Helen Johnston

14 Jul 2016 - Serge Antonov

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Group Bookings

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Green Point Observatory is open for meetings every Thursday evening commencing at 7:30pm. Visitors are welcome to attend Guest Speaker Talks and SASI workshops. The Observatory is located at the bottom of a reserve off Green Point Road, Oyster Bay NSW. Follow the path for 100 metres.

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The Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc. (SASI) was formed in 1961 when a small group of people wished to form a society and construct an observatory south of the Georges River. The Society was known, until the late 1970's, as the James Cook Astronomers Club.

Green Point Observatory was subsequently constructed on Council land at the corner of Green Point and Caravan Head Roads, Oyster Bay. Stage 1 consisted of a dome, library and 41cm Newtonian telescope (recently refurbished) and was completed in the mid 1960's. Stage 2, a Meeting Hall capable of seating 50 people was completed in the early 1970's and Stage 3, a roll-off roof observatory and storeroom was completed in 1996.

At present, a state-of-the-art 35cm Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope is mounted in the roll-off observatory. The Society also has a 15cm refractor, 20cm Newtonian, 20cm SCT and 7x50 binoculars for members use. 

Some of the major activities of the Society and its members include Deep Sky, Planetary and Variable star observing; Occultations, Grazes and Eclipses; Photography and CCD imaging as well as Public Education Courses.


SASI USA 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Tour

SASI is organising a fabulous tour to take in the sights of the USA and the Total Solar Eclispe in August 2017.

See the news article for details.

World Record Certificates Available

The record is now official at 7960 people across 37 sites!

See the news article here.


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