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Green Point Observatory is open for meetings every Thursday evening commencing at 8pm. Visitors are welcome to attend Guest Speaker Talks and SASI workshops. The Observatory is located at the bottom of a reserve off Green Point Road, Oyster Bay NSW. Follow the path for 100 metres. Click Here to view map and obtain further directions. 

 If you wish to book a group visit for an evening of observing click here.

Latest News

 We have a special Public Open Night for the Total Lunar Eclipse in October. Click on the link below for details.

LUNAR ECLIPSE VIEWING 8 October 7 - 11pm



We are running our famous


again this year, starting 17 September 2014. Includes 9 weeks of lectures from expert astronomers, astronomical software and more.

NOTE: This year's start date has been postponed

by 2 weeks, so get in quick to book your place!!! 

Everything you ever wanted to know about astronomy, but were afraid to ask!
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